Easter Chicks

This is the story of a bunch of chicks playing in flowers.  Does it really get any better than that?

On the Friday before Easter, one of my besties called me to let me know that he was headed my way with a box full of chicks.  By the time he arrived it was later afternoon and I was already loosing the light since I wanted to use my 100mm macro lens at close range but I was determined to make the most of the opportunity.  The next afternoon his girlfriend and I were out on her porch putting chicks into a large planter filled with pansies.


We grabbed the smallest two and placed them gently in among the flowers.    There are actually two chicks in this photo – the one in focus on the right side and another standing on the edge of the planter behind her head past the yellow pansy.

I was immediately fascinated by the fun that can be had with perspective when tiny flowers are bigger than your subjects.

clever girl

I’m scared myself a little bit here.  I call the one above “Clever Girl” after a certain scene in Jurassic Park that I’d rather not talk about.   There is something very dinosaur like about chickens though – it is showcased nicely in this photograph.

There were lots more photos to take, but I had to take one more of the littlest babies – I just had to give this chick a purple pansy hat.   The wind with blowing the flowers back and forth quite a bit so I had a friend help to keep the flower in position.

chicks and pansies

I call this one my “Fashionista”.    She seems to wear the flower so effortlessly.


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