Culture and Cocktails: Festival of Flowers at the Springfield Museums

Recently a friend invited me to attend a “Culture and Cocktails” event at the Springfield Museums in Springfield, MA.  The theme of the event was “Festival of Flowers” – varying local florists created arrangements to represent works within the museums.  Totally up my alley!  I brought my camera along but tried not to focus on it too much as I wanted to live in the moment with my two friends and sometimes I can get a bit lost in macro-land.

I wish that I’d gotten more shots of the arrangements with their inspiration, but I was shooting with my 100mm macro lens in a confined space with people on all sides – I had to discard many shots because somebody who walk into the frame last moment.

honeybee 2

Still, it was a worth while endeavor to walk around a museum (trying to keep out of site of their scary T-Rex statue TBH because I’m still a kid at heart and that shit is scary) and smell flowers at every turn.  The arrangements were at times abstract and at others very concrete, it was great to see how different artists interpreted the assignment.  The above was in the Natural History museum – I was in love with the tiny bees.

Because really?  What do I like more than photographing bees in flowers?

honeybee and no cocktails.jpg

Until there were bees out in the wild, this guy was going to have to do!


The other fun part of the visit was the varying performances going on – these girls were dancing to music from the Nutcracker (a bit off season but whatevs I guess) in a room full of Greek statues.


Here I was going back photographing one of my favorite flowers – the tulip.  Again, until I start to see them outside, this will have to do.

And lastly we found this AMAZING sculpture made up of all sorts of succulents and air plants.  I was so fascinated with photographing it that I was almost unaware of my two friends photographing me…almost.  I managed to catch each out of focus in the background as they tried to sneakily catch me with their cameras.  It is a special memento of the night.

Untitled design (1)


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