Getting in to the Holiday Spirit


I don’t always take silly holiday photos, but when I do, it mostly likely involves minis in a Christmas village.

Happy Holidays!

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Paris! : Père Lachaise Cemetery

The traveling companion and I had decided to split up once during out trip to Paris: on our second day in the city (a Thursday), she was going to head over to Les Invalides and I was going to photograph in Père Lachaise Cemetery.  I’m at my soul a cemetery photographer, so Père Lachaise is a holy grail of sorts for me.  It did not disappoint.

It was early, before eight, and I was all jazzed from the cafe that I’d been drinking on an empty stomach.  It was the first day of Autumn it seemed like a few of the trees in the city had gotten the memo:

cemetery 1 interwebs.jpg

As you walk into Père Lachaise Cemetery, the hills of the dead just fill your vision.  There are all sort of places where they rise up around you with stair cases leading upwards.

cemetery 5 interwebs.jpg

I was looking for the inhabitants, the angels and other statuary who had taken up permanent residence.  I had to keep climbing.


This guy was my first sign of real life as the cemetery awoke with the Sun that slowly crept above the line of the city and walls and down among the crypts.  I titled the piece “Always Look Up!” – I found him to be very inspirational.


I am always a sucker for a good pair of wings.


I am captivated by the objects that people leave behind for their loved ones.   I’m including intoxicating fall leaves in that category.


Still…this was not what I had come to Paris for.   The search for weeping angels kept me climbing.


To say that I was in a mood is an understatement; perhaps you have only to look at this photograph to understand that.  Many of the shots that I took included his hands, but the one where whatever he was looking at are tantalizingly out of reach?

I still didn’t have the shot I wanted though, an angel (most likely) – maybe a Madonna or Magdalene who was able to be photographed with the cemetery visible in the background – this place was amazing and I wanted to show it off.  My search continued…


I titled this piece “Life Goals: Grow Old as Stone Together”.  I thought about giving them so room to breath but the shot of them had to be intimate.

Then, there she was.  I’m getting quite familiar with the Catholic Cemeteries in New England and we don’t seem to have anything quite like her…


You can barely make out the rough of one of the mausoleums at her feet as well.   She is as of yet unnamed and I am very open to suggestions.