Paris!: Tour Eiffel

The most surprising thing for me about my whirlwind trip to Paris in September was my immediate love of the Eiffel Tower.  I wasn’t a fan of it lit up and sparkling at night, but almost every other view was absolutely amazing.  Plus, it gives you a sense of the scale of the city in a way that nothing else does.

My traveling companion kept insisting on trying to get shots on her phone from the lawn, which to me – since it was early Fall and the flowering trees weren’t in bloom – seemed pretty boring.  But from across the river you can get the expanse of the city spread out below…it was truly captivating.

I love travel photography so I’ve seen a LOT of shots of Tour Eiffel – perhaps more of it than any other single landmark in the world.   That’s a bit intimidating, to say the least.

But it was so awe inspiring to see it and Paris stretched out in every direction beyond, I forgot to be intimidated.


Notice Les Invalides in the background?  I think that I was photographing that as much as the tower itself.

I took a photo of the other angle, too.  This one is from the garden of Musée Rodin:


Les Invalides with Tour Eiffel in the distance.  You can just barely see Rodin’s famous Le Penseur statue down among the trees.


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