St. Mary’s Cemetery – Northampton, MA

Despite having lived in Northampton for six years and driven past St. Mary’s Cemetery on numerous occasions, I had never thought to wander through looking for statuary.  This hunt for angels and other iconography is a recent thing for me – I had photographed my one Madonna “Black Mary” in New Orleans in 2011 but otherwise hadn’t yet realized my passion for these religious statues.

That’s what friends are for though, right?  One of my oldest friends suggested that I should be photographing in St. Mary’s sometime last month and so I encouraged him to show me the cemetery – apparently he and some friends had photographed there pretty extensively sometime in the late 90’s.

angel with flowers web

This lady caught both of our eyes – she had her back to the path so we could see the white crown of her head glowing in the sunlight and the white tips of her wings.  As I walked around her starting to take some first exploratory shots, Abel realized what she was missing – real flowers to go with her bouquet.   A beautiful selection of nearby pansies was the perfect thing.

I couldn’t resist taking some macro shots of the flowers – because…it’s like all of my varying subjects combined into one.  If only there was a honeybee to complete it all!

flower bouqet web