Magnolia Cemetery – Charleston, SC

The first thing that I research when I’m going on vacation is the closest Catholic Cemetery.  I just LOVE finding new statuary to photograph and the Catholics know how to do religious statues better than anybody else.   So when I found out that my parents were going to fly us to Charleston for a week last cemetery, I knew that I would be visited Magnolia Cemetery.   I googled it online and was blown away by the beautiful angels and Madonnas – it was definitely the place for me.

My goal is always to take that shot the defines what makes that particular cemetery different from anywhere else.   For me, the things that I find the most fascinating about the South are the combination of the Live Oak trees and the Spanish Moss.   Magnolia Cemetery had a little of both – though unfortunately never together with the beautiful statues that I wished to photograph.

Still, I think that I captured the experience of visiting Magnolia Cemetery well with this image – it is amazing how differently statues age down South than they do here in New England.   There are all kinds of new growth to add texture and beauty.  This lovely lady especially caught my attention – you can really feel the weight of the cross that she bears.

magdalene cross web

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