Purple and Bumble, revisited – Easthampton, MA

A year ago I took this image at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Easthampton, MA.  I called it “Purple and Bumble” or “PB” for short.   I love the violet and mint green combination – it makes me feel so good.

Purple Bee
©2015 Megan Campbell

I revisited to the site yesterday on my walk through town – it’s been so hot and muggy out that I haven’t wanted to visit my favorite bee locations.  It’s a pity really, I feel so out of touch with my sisters.

There were some bumbles on these flowers as well this year, but the plant was covered primarily in honeybees.  Even better.

purple and bumblebee 1 web

© 2016 Megan Campbell – Easthampton, MA

Have I talked lately about how much I love my Cannon 100mm Macro lens lately?   You get less of the mint green here because I am so close to the bee, but the hairs on the buds!  I chose to shoot at the most open aperture that my lens would allow (2.8) both because the 15 mph winds necessitated a fast shutter speed and also because I love creamy colored backgrounds.

And I also love that it can be “PB”…I’m just a little nostalgic like that.

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