Saint Brigid’s Cemetery – Easthampton, MA

I have a love affair with old Catholic cemeteries that is only rivaled by my love of felines, a perfect cocktail, and my husband.  I used to think that it was a love for all old cemeteries (and they are all great in their own unique ways), but is the Catholic iconography that speaks to my soul.   All Dr. Who fans are familiar with the way that an angel statue can strike fear in the hearts of any who lie eyes on it and it doesn’t take a true believer to feel the power of a well-love Madonna.  Still, there is something special about the small monuments – the ones so often left for loved one.   You can’t see them for the road, you have to search carefully for each and every one.

angel blue
“Day Dreamer” St. Brigid’s Cemetery – Easthampton, MA March 2016

I call her my Day Dreamer – she is so thoughtful.  I visit her every time that I go to my local cemetery and she always makes me feel better about my day.


dirty halo
“Dirty Halo” St. Brigid’s Cemetery – Easthampton, MA March, 2016

This girl I’ve seen so many times and always wanted to capture.  The day that I found her sitting with dirt cakes into her halo was the day – she has never been more perfect or serene.


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