Self Portrait – Art in the Orchard Style

There are many times that I wonder how much of ourselves is pure reflection of what we think that we are?

The movie The Matrix touches on this a bit with the idea of Perpetual Self Image – a reality you subconsciously construct for yourself inside of the Matrix that is based upon how you perceive yourself inside your head.

I am really drawn to the idea, but baffled by it all the same because I seem unable to determine what image of myself I have inside my own head.  It seems to change from day to day.  I see this reflected especially well in this portrait that I took at Hillside Orchard in Easthampton, MA this past Sunday.

Reflected – did you see what I did there?  (I’m very modest, too)

With my most favorite mountain, as well.

 ©2015 Megan Campbell
©2015 Megan Campbell

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