Butterfly and Sunlight

The things about butterflies is they are never going to go where you want them to.  Some butterflies are so fast moving that you’re lucky if you get one shot in focus before they flit out of your range, perhaps never to be seen again.   Adding to this, the wind in Easthampton blows at 8 mph on a slow day.  I count myself lucky to EVER get a usable shot of a butterfly at all.

I could critique this shot – I would have preferred to be only the other side of the plant so that Sun was behind me, but in the time that it would have taken to navigate the 50 feet of wrought iron fence and half a garden to get back to my subject, it would likely have moved on.  Still, the silhouette of its body combined with the shadows that you can see through its semi-translucent wings has its own effect.

©2015 Megan Campbell
©2015 Megan Campbell

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