Why did the chicken cross the road? (To follow me, apparently)

As a girl who has lived for most of her life in Western Massachusetts, I understand that farm animals are a way of life.   There were many days when driving home to my parent’s house (that I grew up in) where you’d have to wait anywhere for five minutes to half an hour while the cows crossed the street.  What I don’t expect is to see them directly outside of my apartment in a suburban neighborhood.   Needless to say, this lovely dinosaur was a complete surprise.  I hung out for a while, photographing as it snacked on some pretty weeds on the side of the road.

©2915 Megan Campbell
©2015 Megan Campbell
Easthampton Chicken 2
©2015 Megan Campbell
Easthampton Chicken 3
©2015 Megan Campbell
Easthampton Chicken 6
©2015 Megan Campbell
Easthampton Chicken 7
©2015 Megan Campbell

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