Purple Bee (I don’t think those letters mean what you think they mean)

Now, that’s it’s White House official, we all need to have a conversation about the bees.  Have you seen any lately?  I’ll give you a minute to think about it…

Go outside if you must.  Find a bright bush of flowers – it’s June, they are generally around almost every corner.  How many bees do you count in the bush?

Think back to when you were younger and a similar bush.  Remember the sound of buzzing?  Maybe the bush was outside a window in your parents house and the hum of pollinators was a constant in their yard.  Maybe it was the flowering bush you had to walk by on your way to work.

I’m a photographer so I stick my nose in a lot of flowers.  I’m very pleased to observe that the town I moved to late last Summer is overflowing with flowers all Spring.  Yet, despite this, I have seen only a dozen bees of any variety.  No honeybees whatsoever.   Not only is it disheartening (I’m an amateur mead maker so the thought of honey makes me gleeful) but it’s down right terrifying.   I have to wonder if these flowers got pollinated enough, or sometimes at all.

This lady was photographed in what we refer to as the “No Pooping” Garden (due to a rather graphic sign of what a dog should not do).     I sat down with the flowers for quite a while and let the bumbles come to me.

©2015 Megan Campbell
©2015 Megan Campbell

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