I mustache-you if I can take your picture…

I’m a relatively self taught photographer.   I have loved the art form since I was a young child but many of my early photography attempts were thwarted.  I had an old camera sometime in my late youth but then it disappeared.   Later, I tried to take a photography class during college and was informed that due to the fact that I was not a Communications Major (Comm not Art?!?), they wouldn’t let me in.   Both of the old Canon AE1s I was gifted with eventually stopped working despite the efforts of more than one camera technician and in fact on of them stopped working the morning that I was supposed to photograph the wedding of my In-Laws.

I took one basic black and white photography class at a local Community College and practically remember one thing about it – the instructor only liked my photographs of people.  I was meant to be a portrait photographer, she wrote on her final assessment at the end of class – people relax around me.

This is a bit odd to me now because I almost never photograph people.  And maybe it’s cheating when I am photographing my husband who clearly IS (or at least hopefully is) comfortable around me, but here it is.  Chris at his 35th birthday party.  Drinking a Manhattan (his current favorite drink) and almost being classy.  If not for that sparkle in his eye anyways.

©2915 Megan Campbell
©2015 Megan Campbell

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