Mother’s Day Delight: Bumble and Apple

As a mid-May baby, my birthday has often coincided with Mother’s Day and in my family, those two holidays are celebrated as one.  This year has been hard, my Father had some heart problems recently and we’re all a bit frazzled, but it was so nice to have my husband offer on his own to come over early on Sunday and put in the raised beds that my Father was supposed to have built for my Mother.  As the two of them worked, I stepped outside to commune an apple tree that their neighbor recently planted.

I must tell you the truth before I share the photo – there is a frightening lack of pollinators among our wild flowers this year and we are going to pay for it.  I have been seeing some bumbles here and there but almost no honeybees.  Please people, if you have the room and the inclination, keep bees.  They are really important to our growing cycles, essential really.  They are the Mother’s of agriculture.

Bumble and Apple ©2015 Megan Campbell
Bumble and Apple
©2015 Megan Campbell

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