Easter Eggs

There are very few times when I let all of the varying perforations of my life touch, but this is bound to be one of those times. I think that all artists have naming conventions and (shocker, I know) prefer them to be somewhat abstract.  Even better if there’s an inside joke that only I will get, or only something that a handful of my closest acquaintances might get.

That last sentence made me lose the game, if you don’t know which one, Google it…you are in for a treat.

My inside jokes often have layers upon layers.  They are sometimes referential to comments that have been made in my presence within the last couple of days, often of my friends being especially insightful or somewhat bazaar.   Sometimes it is merely a reference to what was posted on Facebook and those who don’t see my feed (or even a friends feed) will never get it.  But really…who wants to look at another photograph entitled “Red Rose” – even if it’s one of the most beautiful photographs of a red rose you’ve ever seen.

As to the photo more directly, I was looking for a photograph for a current series to represent Easter, my friend suggested her chicken’s eggs.   Firstly, she didn’t have enough eggs to do what I wanted, but I did capture this.   I am quite pleased with the layers of texture in this – can you guess which one I liked the best?

“Easter Eggs” ©2015 Megan Campbell f/2.8 1/1250 ISO 100

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