Black Mary

In November of 2011 my husband and I went on a trip to visit one of our close friends who has attending grad school in New Orleans.  It was a trip of a lifetime in that my husband was fairly content to spend a week walking the quarter and pointing out things for me to photograph.  It is also, in the end, the trip that started my journey as an artist – so many people asked to buy prints of my photographs from New Orleans that I eventually listed them on Etsy.

This is the crowning achievement of my trip to Nola and my photographic muse.   I found her in a cul-de-sac in the Garden District.  I could feel her before we even turned the corner, some objects are just like that.  Madonnas always hold power, and she is the most powerful one that I have ever encountered.  Seems like an appropriate weekend to share her with the world, anyways.

Black Mary - ©2011 Megan Campbell
“Black Mary”
New Orleans, LA
©2011 Megan Campbell

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