All endings are beginnings

Tulips are beautiful even in their final hours.

©2014 Megan Campbell

Cliffwalk: Newport, RI

The husband and I had to make a trip to Providence on Monday to pick up some gear for an art show display and (wonderful man that he is), he planned us an afternoon in Newport.  Neither of us had ever been before but the idea of oceanviews and fresh seafood was too much for us to pass up.  After a bit of Googling, he found the Newport Cliffwalk which is a gorgeous scenic walk in between beautiful mansions and the ever more beautiful Atlantic.   We were only able to do a small portion of the walk but the architecture was astounding and the weather perfect.   We will definitely be going back – hopefully in May in time to catch all of the tulips that we could see peaking up.

Cliff Walk – Newport, RI
©2915 Megan Campbell

Crocus: the first sign of Spring

Here in the frozen north, things have been very slow this season.  We’ve reached the midpoint in April and most of our trees don’t even have buds on them.  As a Spring baby, this makes me quite distraught but at the same time, things are slowly, ever so slowly, starting to awaken.  When I go for a walk outside, there are crocus now.  Whole fields of them in places.

White Crocus
©2015 Megan Campbell
Purple and Yellow Crocus
©2015 Megan Campbell

Easter Eggs

There are very few times when I let all of the varying perforations of my life touch, but this is bound to be one of those times. I think that all artists have naming conventions and (shocker, I know) prefer them to be somewhat abstract.  Even better if there’s an inside joke that only I will get, or only something that a handful of my closest acquaintances might get.

That last sentence made me lose the game, if you don’t know which one, Google it…you are in for a treat.

My inside jokes often have layers upon layers.  They are sometimes referential to comments that have been made in my presence within the last couple of days, often of my friends being especially insightful or somewhat bazaar.   Sometimes it is merely a reference to what was posted on Facebook and those who don’t see my feed (or even a friends feed) will never get it.  But really…who wants to look at another photograph entitled “Red Rose” – even if it’s one of the most beautiful photographs of a red rose you’ve ever seen.

As to the photo more directly, I was looking for a photograph for a current series to represent Easter, my friend suggested her chicken’s eggs.   Firstly, she didn’t have enough eggs to do what I wanted, but I did capture this.   I am quite pleased with the layers of texture in this – can you guess which one I liked the best?

“Easter Eggs” ©2015 Megan Campbell f/2.8 1/1250 ISO 100

Black Mary

In November of 2011 my husband and I went on a trip to visit one of our close friends who has attending grad school in New Orleans.  It was a trip of a lifetime in that my husband was fairly content to spend a week walking the quarter and pointing out things for me to photograph.  It is also, in the end, the trip that started my journey as an artist – so many people asked to buy prints of my photographs from New Orleans that I eventually listed them on Etsy.

This is the crowning achievement of my trip to Nola and my photographic muse.   I found her in a cul-de-sac in the Garden District.  I could feel her before we even turned the corner, some objects are just like that.  Madonnas always hold power, and she is the most powerful one that I have ever encountered.  Seems like an appropriate weekend to share her with the world, anyways.

Black Mary - ©2011 Megan Campbell
“Black Mary”
New Orleans, LA
©2011 Megan Campbell