Inside the Yellow Tulip

As with all knew tools, my new macro lens has been an interesting learning experience.   For one thing, I mostly still used my kit lens that came with my Canon so getting used to a fixed lens has been a bit of a challenge.  Not having to get so close to that honeybee is a great perk (though those girls are my friends, so I don’t mind all that much), but it turns out that having a fixed 100 mm lens is not as much fun when you’re in a crowded greenhouse with all sorts of assorted people waiting impatiently to make the same comments at each blossom.   They are not in the slightest bit respectful of your desire to get just one farther step back to get more of the shot in frame, for one thing.

Still, shots like this make everything worth it.

“Inside the Yellow Tulip” ©2015 Megan Campbell f/5.6 1/160 sec. ISO 400

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