TBT: Circus Performers

Last May I was lucky enough to get to photograph the Northampton Pride Parade.   The day was beautiful – warm enough but not hot, bright overcast and then sunny in fits and spurts – perfect to show off the brightly colored outfits of the varying marchers.   I was very pleased with my shots since street photography is definitely not my specialty.   This one in particular stood out, it is of a group of stilts walkers from a local circus school.

Northampton Pride Parade, May 3, 2014 f/6.3 1/250 sec. ISO 100 © 2014 Megan Campbell

The shot is lovely and I especially love the colors and shadows, but found the background of the crowd distracting.   After playing around the image in Photoshop for some time, I decided to use the select tool to isolate the stilts walkers on the left and the girl with the green boa while removing the rest of the background noise.   After pumping up the blacks in the image to increase the contrast in the shadows, I came up with this image:

circus for web 2
“Height And Shadows” © 2014 Megan Campbell

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