Shades of Mauve

I’ve been experimenting a lot of with textures and color in Photoshop lately.  There are many times when a shot is almost perfect from the moment that I take it (minus some minor edits for whiter whites or blacker blacks), but there are also many times – especially with things like nature that are never completely controllable – where an image is nearly what I want it to be. The form is there – the shape appealing, the petals perfect, whathaveyou – but the background color is unremarkable or too muddied.  I remain a perfectionist at heart – what many people would consider to be a very solid if not amazing image can be only so-so to be if one single little thing stands out as “not right.”

This image was a good example – I really liked the placement of the butterfly and flower in the shot, but with the shallow depth of focus needed to keep up with the light quality of the day, my background is distressingly out of focus.   Beautiful and bokeh is one thing, nothingness is another.   Add in some texture to accent the colors and it becomes remarkably more appealing.

f/3.5 1/200 sec. ISO 400 © 2015 Megan Campbell

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