The Makings of a (more) Perfect Image

Have I mentioned yet (I know that I have…) that butterflies are exasperating to try and photograph?   Macro photography is tough with still objects because even the slightest movement of the photographer can upset your perfectly composed focus – I have learned this lesson over and over again over the last year.   I have never been the most steady handed person and I’ve been working hard on my resolve to NOT MOVE while taking a shot.   Do you see the butterflies in the wings (pun intended), waiting for their debut?   Do you see them ever standing still?

Sometimes though, even the best interrupted plans are salvageable.   After my recent shoot, I ended up with these two images:


As you can see, the two images are very similar.  I much prefer the framing of the image on the left but the head of the butterfly in the image on the right is in better focus.  What’s a photographer to do?

What I ended up doing was photo merging the two images together in Photoshop and using the majority of the first image with small adjustments from the second.  I’m quite proud of the result.

f/3.5 1/100 sec. ISO 400 © 2015 Megan Campbell

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