Butterflies and Textures

When I walked into the butterfly conservatory, I knew that I was putting my photography skills to the test.   It’s February and New England so of course the day was overcast (bright cloudy but overcast none the less) and I knew from experience that the greenhouse would diffuse the light even more.  But it seemed like the perfect excuse to play around with my new macro lens and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity – even if it was a learning opportunity.

It was every bit as challenging as I thought that it might be.   With my ISO set to 400, I couldn’t get above a shutter speed of 1/200 sec. on my largest aperture settings.   Determined to tough it out on full manual even if I missed a shot here and there – I knew that I was facing a steep learning curve.

And I came home with some fascinating out of focus images.   I found this one especially compelling – all of the elements were right – I loved the shape and the color!  After playing around with textures in Photoshop, I came up with this cool effect.  Sure it looks more like a photograph of the shadow of stained glass on a wall, or maybe street art – but I heart it none the less.

f/3.5 1/200 sec. ISO 400 © 2015 Megan Campbell

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