Small things amuse small minds

So the saying goes anyways.  I think that the opposite is true of artists – the ones who find themselves interested in the smallest things often have the greatest mind, and loads of artistic talent.  We (and by this I mean Americans) are trained as a society to think big – we want the biggest meals, the largest houses, the tank of an SUV.   I feel like we are trained to see the mountain but ignore the beautiful tiny wildflowers that grow on it’s side.   Being an artist is about breaking that mold – at least it has been for me.   There is always a place for that mountain landscape, but it’s the artist that can capture the dew drop on a branch that really fascinates me.

f/3.5 1/80 sec. ISO 400 © 2015 Megan Campbell

One thought on “Small things amuse small minds

  1. I would completely agree on how we are taught as children to always strive for bigger. This past week I’ve been hunting for a house, and my parents were appalled that I would consider a six hundred square foot home.


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