Anti-Valentine, 2015

I wrote an unintentional haiku yesterday.   This is surprising for a couple of reasons – though I used to be quite the poet, I haven’t written in any number of years, for one.  Moreover, when I did write poetry, it was free form and not confined by rhythms like 5/7/5.  And well…I sort of hate haiku.  It’s nothing particular about that form of poetry, I hate all structured poetry all together – I’m just that kind of girl.

I was playing around with editing some photos that I had taken with my new macro lens and a bag of heart shaped gummy candy that I found at my local super market.  Mostly because the sugar crystals look amazing close up.  The photos were very pretty and a bit too nice – at least from the perspective of the girl whose never been over fond of this consumer holiday.  Just like I don’t want to write in rhymed couplets or be forced to stick to a certain number of syllables in a line, I don’t want to be told when I should say “I love you.”   A couple of experiments with textures later and I had found a nice crackle effect which seemed to “break” the pretty-ness of the photo – it was much truer to my idea of what this holiday means.

That’s when the haiku happened.  Did you know that love is in the air is comprised of five syllables?  I didn’t either…until I did.

This is sort of a Valentine’s Day tradition for me – an anti-Valentine, of sorts.

gummy hearts 1 cracked (2)
“Anti-Valentine, 2015” © 2015 Megan Campbell

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