Winter Disconnect

All photos (however fun) of the cemetery in the snow aside, most of my trip out into the Winter Wonderland that is my home these days was focused on exploring what I will be able to do with my new Cannon L Series 100mm Macro lens.   Having a prime lens is going to take some getting used to, I have a 50mm but rarely unless I needed to shoot with the larger apertures it allowed for.   It was a bright cloudy day which seemed ideal as a setup point for playing around with my new macro abilities while being able to handhold (no carrying around a tripod while trudging through snow for me) and use reasonably high apertures if necessary.

I got a lot of very fun shots, but I couldn’t help myself and eventually had to play around with the brightness of the snow and extremely soft depths of field.   It creates such a nice dreamy quality that is quite reflective of how I feel with all of this snow and lack of sunshine.

hydrangea macro lens 1
“Winter Disconnect” f/2.8 1/800 ISO 100 © 2015 Megan Campbell

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