Thinking Spring: Star Magnolia

You’ve heard it here first: Spring can’t come soon enough for this not-so-rugged New Englander.  I have almost a month until the Amherst Orchid Show and two until the local Spring bulb shows, so I need something to occupy my time.  Revisiting the work of last Spring, well, sounds great to me!  I will admit that my main fascination with this particular star magnolia tree was that it was surrounded by honey bees getting their first taste of the new season and as such, I have mostly ignored the photos that I took without bees in them.  But this shot catches my eye a lot now – I like the soft focus of the background that’s barely not quite just a blur of color and the way that the afternoon light cast golden shadows everywhere.  It’s soft and dreamy, just like my thoughts of Spring.

star magnolia print
“Star Magnolia” ©2014 Megan Campbell

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