Love is in the Air (Sorta)

As a botanical photographer, late January and early February is sort of crisis mode for me.  It is far too cold for me to want to be outside seeking out inspiration to photograph and quite frankly, I’m a bad enough New Englander to doubt that there is much worth photographing this time of year.   There is always a day or two directly after the newest snow and ice storm where I can find a shot or two, but really…I feel about as dead as the flowers that I love so fiercely.  As a friend said to me recently, I need to photosynthesize.

As such, Valentine’s Day is far from my favorite holiday.  Whether attached or not, I have a hard time seeing past the dreariness of the season.   Still, things might look up a bit if I won a photography contest about love, right?  Good thing there is one currently being hosted by some of Portland’s coolest independent businesses.

After some consideration, I decided to enter “Romantic Rendezvous” – it is romantic enough but there is still a bit of sadness to the image – it fits February, the upcoming Snowpocolypse, and my general mood.

If you feel so inclined, you can vote for it here:

That would make me a very happy photographer.

romantic rendezvous print
“Romantic Rendezvous” New Orleans, LA ©2011 Megan Campbell

“Romantic Rendezvous” was taken at La Divina – an absolutely amazing gelato shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans, LA.

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