Size Does Matter

Yeah, Yeah, I know…cheap shot.   But in the art and home decor world, it’s true.  You really do need to know what kind of size you have BEFORE you go art shopping.   Are you looking for a new piece to put above your couch or your king sized bed? That will end up being a very different sized piece of artwork than one to go on the side wall beside your armchair, or the one that will fit above your love seat.   I’ve created some handy charts of some of the most used sizes as an example of how a Canvas would really look above the average sized couch.

First, square sizes.  Square canvas aren’t really meant to go above a long item like a couch or a bed unless you are hanging more than one of them – and even then, you might want to go with a bigger size that you would think.

sizeRectangular artwork is a perfect fit for above a couch or bed – but you need to find one big enough to fill but not overwhelm the space.  Keep in mind that if you are buying a piece that you will need to mat and frame, you are looking to add anywhere from 3 to 10 inches to the total length of the piece.  (And sometimes even more!)

size 2

When in doubt – ask!  Most artists will be able to give you good recommendations about what size piece you want for the space that you have – so long as you have accurate measurements anyways!  Better yet – take a photograph of the space that you want to buy art for and bring it with you while you’re looking – it will help you with colors AND help you keep size in mind.

The more you know…


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