Perfect Moments: The Empire State Building

nyc in the rain
“New York City in the Rain” – this print is available in my Etsy shop

An impressive number of people can’t identify the Empire State Building, that’s one thing that I’ve learned from selling live artwork.   I’ve been asked if this was in Boston (admittedly, at a show in Boston…but still) or if this was the Chrysler building. And I live in the North East!  What people don’t dither over is their awe of this piece, and it is awe-inspiring.  Chris and I were trotting quickly through the rain trying to find this amazing Cuban restaurant that we’d read about on-line (well worth the walk through the rain to find) when suddenly he stopped and pointed.   We both took a moment to stare – you hear that the city of New York can be beautiful at night but in the drizzle and rain the city lights take on a halo effect unlike anything that I have ever seen.   Rain or not, I had to stop and capture the moment.


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