Sunset Silhouette – Mt. Sugarloaf as seen from Sunderland, MA

Some days are just perfect.   Every single element of the day seems to come together to create the perfect shot.  My husband and I had been out photographing ice in the woods and waterfalls around Mt. Toby State Forest and that had not gone particularly successfully for me.   The light quality left a lot to be desired and I am abysmally bad at having the patience to properly set up a tripod.   We were headed home when we passed by a field with that perfect view of Mt. Sugarloaf – about a mile down the road I asked him to turn around and go back.  Here, at last, was the shot that I’d been waiting for all day.  I trudged through the semi-frozen corn field – the mountain was across the Connecticut River from me and I needed to get closer.   The Sunset turned golden before my eyes.  Then, as I was lining up my shot, I heard the geese before I saw them in my viewfinder.

sunset silhouette
“Sunset Silhouette” – this photograph is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

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