Pink Chrysanthemum and Soft Focus

At this time last year I was finishing up a course at the local adult art center based on Nature Photography.   My teacher, a man that we will affectionately and with some anonymity call Mr. Green was an old-school photographer – never once in his life had he picked up a DSLR and he thought that digital files consisted of “Pegapickles.”   He also criticized almost every shot that I took because I do not shoot at a f/16 and not every single portion of the image was in crystal clear focus.

Call me an Art Fuck if you will but I do not care to spend much time looking at photos that have an eternal depth of field – though it is appropriate in certain particular circumstances – it is also boring as shit.   I am not photographing flowers for botanical classification purposes, I am a fine artist.   I am looking for a shot that transcends the nature of the flower and becomes something else entirely.   Also possibly one which looks great on a pillow cover because well…pillows are pretty.

pink mum just
Pink Chrysanthemum This photo is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.
pink chrysanthemum pillow
Pink Chrysanthemum Photo Pillow 16×16, 18×18 and 20×20 sizes Available in my Etsy shop

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