Mexican Sunflowers

Still craving some Summer in these darkest of times.   This Mexican Sunflower was photographed at Mountain View Farm in Easthampton, MA during late July.   There is something about orange blossoms – it seems to represent the warmness of the summer sun.

mexican sunflower
“Mexican Sunflowers” ©2014 Megan Campbell

Boston Common Fountain

boston common fountain
“Boston Common Fountain” Boston, MA ©2014 Megan Campbell

I spent a week in Boston last July selling my artwork at a shop on Newbury St.  Every night when the shop would close at six, I would take a walk through the streets of the city and race the last of the sunlight for those rare moments to photograph in the late afternoon light.   This photograph was taken at dusk in the Boston Common – I love the way that the low light quality made the patina turn blue like the sky.

In remembrance of Summer…

Today the days get longer again, but I can’t feel it yet.  My mind is reeling from all of the darkness and so I return to a softer time.  This was, unquestionably, the best day of Summer.   Some might say that the height of Summer comes from those days when you go on vacation, but to me there is nothing more precious than a day close to home.   This was captured at Mountain View Farm in Easthampton, MA – the farm that I went to every week to pick up my organic farmshare and spend some quality time with the bees.   The mexican sunflowers were in full bloom and they trail off to meet the summit of Mt. Tom in the distance.

view from mountain view
“View From Mountain View” Easthampton, MA ©2014 Megan Campbell

Wildflowers and a Monarch

wildflowers and a monarch
“Wildflowers and a Monarch” Easthampton, MA ©2013 Megan Campbell

Monarchs are late Summer to me.   My Mother would take me out into the milkweed fields to find caterpillars and we would bring them home and keep them in our kitchen until one day they became butterflies.  We’d feed them sugar water until they were strong and then let them go.   Each butterfly flitting away on the wind was like a dream let out into the world – a wish on orange gossamer wings.

The Step

red dress and shoes
The Step

Is it Christmas yet?  Scratch that, is it New Year’s yet?  Can we dress up and celebrate the end of 2014 and look forward towards resolutions for the next.   Small steps towards the future.  2014 has been a great year for me – but I am ready to move on.

Boston Common Carousel

I like to pretend that I was one of those little girls who was obsessed with horses, but the truth is something else entirely.  I was one of those little girls who was obsessed with dragons.   For real – Smaug is one of my favorite characters ever written. This photograph does a bit to marry my wish with reality – what better than a dragon on a carousel?  This wonder was found in the Boston Common during July of 2014.

boston common carousel
“Boston Common Carousel” – prints are available in my Etsy shop

Morning Light

Some shot are planned out, carefully calculated for hours, thought up over long moments – considered, shot and then reconsidered again.   This was not one of these shots.    There is something to be said for the pure spontaneity of the moment as it rarely lets me down.

morning light
“Morning Light” – Cottage Street Studios, Easthampton, MA. 12/13/2014

Perfect Moments: The Empire State Building

nyc in the rain
“New York City in the Rain” – this print is available in my Etsy shop

An impressive number of people can’t identify the Empire State Building, that’s one thing that I’ve learned from selling live artwork.   I’ve been asked if this was in Boston (admittedly, at a show in Boston…but still) or if this was the Chrysler building. And I live in the North East!  What people don’t dither over is their awe of this piece, and it is awe-inspiring.  Chris and I were trotting quickly through the rain trying to find this amazing Cuban restaurant that we’d read about on-line (well worth the walk through the rain to find) when suddenly he stopped and pointed.   We both took a moment to stare – you hear that the city of New York can be beautiful at night but in the drizzle and rain the city lights take on a halo effect unlike anything that I have ever seen.   Rain or not, I had to stop and capture the moment.