Portrait of a Living Dinosaur: “Skinless” the Guinea Fowl

The fun (and sometimes terror) of being a photographer is being asked to do custom photography.   It’s one thing to run around and shoot whatever you wish/when you wish – but to shoot on demand, well…that’s another situation entirely.  My brother recently mentioned that if I didn’t want to go to his wedding, he would pay me to shoot it – an offer that I declined quite emphatically.  I’ll bring my camera – of course – but to be responsible for creating the images that will immortalize their special day?  No thanks, too much pressure for me.   Still, when my Mother-in-Law and Aunt asked me to create some photo gifts made featuring guinea fowl and chickens, that might be just right.   At lot worked against me that day, too: it snowed a good six inches the night beforehand and the fowl aren’t fond of the cold, for one.  But I think that I got a few priceless shots.

“Skinless the Guinea Fowl” Contact me to purchase this print.

This is Skinless, my Aunt Stef’s adult male guinea fowl.   He refused to come down from the tree so I had to shoot from below and then crop the image in to highlight his skeksis-like features and prehistoric visage.

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